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MEET OUR TEAM – Teaching Assistant Edition

Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice
Name: Sydney Bailey
Class: Junior
“My name is Sydney Bailey. I am a junior at King from Mendota, Virginia. In my free time I enjoy traveling, exploring our world, and photography. I am a Cell and Molecular Biology major with minors in Spanish and Biblical Studies. I am also a member of the King University softball team. I am a member of the Preprofessionals Club as well as Women in STEM on campus. One of my passions is interacting with the community, whether it be volunteer work or being a mentor for our youth. After King, I plan on attending medical school in hopes of becoming a surgeon. My decision to choose two minors not related to the science field relied solely on being able to relate to future patients. I once struggled with understanding my faith and how to apply it to my life. Upon taking Foundations of Christian Thought first semester of my freshman year, I found a new love for Christianity like I had never know before. This course sealed my minor for Biblical Studies. I served as a TA for three semesters before I was promoted to Head TA this year. It has been an honor not only to grow in my own faith, but to serve others and help them walk their own path with Christianity.”
We are fortunate to have Sydney for this semester and 3 more after. She has made Foundations happen this year. She will continue to do good and great things.

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