Meet Our Team: Teaching Assistant: Amanda Meadows

Amanda Meadows
Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice
King University
Meet Our Team: Teaching Assistant
Amanda Meadows
“Hello! My name is Amanda Meadows and I am from Bristol, Tennessee! I am a sophomore at King and I am working towards a major in Biology with a minor in Mathematics. This is my first semester as a Religion TA, but I am absolutely loving the opportunity to help guide my fellow peers through this class and to teach them to think critically! I am also a Chemistry Lab TA, Biology Administrative Assistant, and I hold a management position at my job outside of school. I have always loved the academic aspect of school, so I have been on the President’s List for the past two semesters. In what little free time I have, I enjoy going to church, listening to music, hanging out with my family and friends, and working retail! One of my passions in life is helping those around me, so I hope to one day obtain my doctorate degree and become a Geneticist or an Anesthesiologist. I am very thankful for the role professors and student at King have played so far in my life, and I am excited to see what these next 2 years hold!!”
We are so grateful for Amanda’s work with her students this year in Foundations. And I love it when our future scientists are teaching in a religion class like this. She is smart, rigorous, and caring. Thank you, Amanda, for all you do in spite of being busy and competent with many other things.

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