Meet Our Team: Teaching Assistant: Adeline Campbell

Adeline Campbell
King University
Meet Our Team: Teaching Assistant: Adeline Campbell
“Hey everyone! My name is Adeline Campbell, and I am from Abingdon, Virginia. I am a sophomore, majoring in nursing and minoring in psychology. I plan on becoming a travel nurse. I also have an on-campus work study position. In my free time, I love to travel, hike, paddle board, play volleyball, and hang out with friends and family. I took Foundations of Christian thought and practice my very first semester at King and absolutely loved it. I was honored when Dr. Hudson asked me to be a TA. This is my second semester as a TA. It has been such an awesome experience getting to know students and making personal connections. This past spring, I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Israel with Dr. Hudson and several other TA’s. The trip to Israel will always have a special place in my heart through all the relationships and memories made.”
As Adeline says, this is her second semester with us, and we are the fortunate ones. She is also the third Campbell sister to attend King and serve as a TA for Foundations. She is from a fantastic family in Abingdon, and they have sent all 3 of their daughters to study with us. We had a great time in Israel-Palestine and found a great coffee shop in the old city. Thank you, Adeline, for all you do for your students. You will be a fantastic nurse in the years to come. We need more like you.

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