Meet Our Team: Teaching Assistant: Kayla Gillenwater

Kayla Gillenwater
King University


Meet Our Team: Teaching Assistant
Kayla Gillenwater
“My name is Kayla Gillenwater. I am a senior at King University. I enjoy traveling in my free time as well as cooking. I currently work full time as a CT Technologist while attending King to work toward my bachelor’s in biology. I wanted to further my education so I can better serve my community as well as my family. This is my first year as a TA for Foundations of Christian Thought, and I have very much enjoyed working with the students in this course. I first took this class my Junior year at King and enjoyed how eye-opening the material and how interactive the class was. I even was able to attend a trip to Israel with King.”
We are so glad to have Kayla with us before she graduates and moves on to great and good things. In class last year, Kayla and I discovered we both came from the same little place in SW Virginia–Yuma. Our families had/have places just a few miles apart. I love it that King still serves students in Southern Appalachia (a-pa-Latch-a, please). Kayla is smart and hard-working. She impressed me when we traveled to Israel-Palestine last March–she was up for any and every food. Respect.

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