Meet Our B and R Faculty: Dr. Amber Warhurst

Meet Our B and R Faculty: Dr. Amber Warhurst
Don Michael Hudson, PhD
Meet Our B and R Faculty:
Dr. Amber Warhurst
“Hello! My name is Amber Warhurst and I am an online instructor for King University’s Bible and Religion Department. My job is amazing because I get to teach a subject I’m passionate about, while getting to know people online from all over the country who I would never get to meet otherwise. Although I’ve taught Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice dozens of times over the past seven years, I’m constantly surprised and delighted by the insights students have about the themes. The class combines Christian ideas, individual experiences, and current events, making for a unique experience every semester. My interest in biblical studies began when I was an undergraduate student, so I appreciate how formative the college years are in a person’s life. After college, I went on to get a M.A. in Biblical Languages from Regent College, Vancouver and a PhD in Hebrew Bible from University of St. Andrews, Scotland. I especially love reading the Bible in its original languages and exploring its literary artistry. In addition to Foundations, I also teach online Old Testament and Interpretation and Hebrew Wisdom Literature for King. When I’m not grading online assignments, I’m homeschooling my four children, skiing or hiking in the beautiful Wasatch mountains of Salt Lake City, wading through the endless stack of books on my nightstand, or working on house renovations to distract me from the piles of laundry and dishes. “
What can I say about Dr. Warhurst? Way too much. Our department would be terribly deficient without her. She’s been with us over a decade. She’s brilliant, the consummate professor, meticulous, and cares for her students. She also answers her emails on time every time (that says a lot about someone, doesn’t it? Our department policy is to answer all student emails within 24 hours–she does, of course–I digress). Thank you, Amber for being with us. We are grateful for your scholarship and your excellence.

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