Religion, Bible, and Theology Scholars Collude with Israeli Apartheid

Religion Scholars Collude with Israeli Apartheid
Don Michael Hudson, PhD

“To me, this is one of the biggest ethical questions of our time.”

It’s time religion-biblical-theological organizations, churches, schools, seminaries, and so-called “anti-colonial” scholars in these fields reckon with the Palestinians and their outright devastation. It remains strange to me that religion-biblical-theological scholars carry the flag bravely into the fray in the name of justice–until the issue of the Palestinians. Hear those crickets? Yeah, I don’t even hear the crickets. What’s wrong–Bibi got your tongue?

It is no longer a debate, and everyone who remains in silence participates in the ethnic cleansing and genocide of an entire people and culture in 2021. Have you ever said to yourself, “My God, I wish I had been alive during the Holocaust! I would have done something?” No, you wouldn’t because you’re turning a blind eye now. Tenure? Never even been to Palestine? West Bank? Gaza? Went on some cutesy “Israel” trip orchestrated by masters of propaganda? Afraid of outright racists calling you a racist? Seriously? Afraid of being called “anti-semitic” because Israeli semites are colonizing Palestinian semites?

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