“Military Boots by Milan Kunc, Prague 1968

“Military Boots by Milan Kunc, Prague 1968
Don Michael Hudson, PhD

Since we’re in Prague today (only in my mind), I want to post a “modern” work by the Czech painter, Milan Kunc. While I was there last summer, he (they) held an exhibition of his works. I’ve wanted to see his works for decades…and…there he was.

It was most interesting to see his work the same day I visited St. Agnes and their collection of Medieval (“religious”) art.
Here is a shot of one of his paintings I had no idea about. “Military Boots” 1968. I couldn’t help but immediately pull Heidegger and his interpretation of Van Gogh’s so-called “Peasant Shoes” into the picture. But we cannot miss the unspoken history in Kunc’s work–1968–Prague–Soviet domination–uprising against oppression–the crushing of revolution–the abolition of artistic freedom–military boots built to trample and dominate humans.
Oh, and back to Heidegger and his interpretation of “Peasant Boots.” One can easily see that Kunc is playing off Van Gogh for sure, but now, they are military boots. I do find it interesting that my mind went immediately to Heidegger and then to Van Gogh. Now that Heidegger’s reading has been fully discredited–why did (do) I do that? (Cf. Schapiro “The Still Life as a Personal Object” 1968)
“Military Boots,” Milan Kunc (1968)
Prague, Czech (June 21)
5D M3

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