Mother and Son, Pieta, Frankfurt Dom (March 21)

Mother and Son, Pieta, Frankfurt Dom
Don Michael Hudson, PhD

Frankfurt Dom (March 21)

Mono Q2
I know it’s not even in the same universe with Michelangelo. However, the Dom had a special exhibit for a few weeks, and this is the last piece one saw when leaving the exhibit. It really struck me, and I thought it beautiful, but mostly, powerfully moving. And unlike Micky’s pieta in Rome, one could get close to this pieta and even walk around. Pietas still strike me as a celebration many do not talk about: the death of God. Behold the unjust, unmerciful death of a beloved son in the prime of his life. The pieta represents this for me: here is a moment in history where the human (a woman) holds God in her arms–the dead God–the dead son. This is as much about mother and son as it is Mary and Jesus.