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  • Forthcoming: Revision and publication of The Silence of Adam (1995) (2003)-Summer 2022
  • Forthcoming: Revision and publication of El Silencio de Adan Ebook (2003)-Summer 2022
  • Forthcoming: Stations of the Cross: The Christian Path from Sorrow to Joy (Summer 2022)
  • Forthcoming: Republishing the Czech translation of The Silence of Adam (2005)-Spring 2022
  • Forthcoming: The Basics of Christianity. Ebook (Feb 1, 2022)
  • Forthcoming: The Basics of Christianity.  (Mar 1, 2022)
  • Forthcoming Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice. Ebook (Bristol, TN: Pulp Press, Dec 1 2021)
  • Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice. (Author) 4th Ed. (Bristol, TN: Pulp Press, July 2021).
  • Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice. (Author) 3rd Ed. (Bristol, TN: Pulp Press, July 2017).
  • Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice. (Author) 2nd Ed. (Bristol, TN: Pulp Press, July 2014).
  • Men of Courage: God’s Call to Move Beyond the Silence of Adam. (Co-author):
  • Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice. (Author) Seattle: CAST Press, July 2011.
  • El Silencio de Adan. (Co-author):
  • When Time Stumbled: Judges as Postmodern (Author) May 1999:
  • Adamovo mlceni. (Co-author):
  • Le Silence d’Adam. Devenir des hommes do courage dans un monde de plus en plus chaotique Relié. (Co-author).
  • Postmodernism and the Evangelical. (Editor) Mars Hill Review. Special Edition 12. (March 1998).
  • Das Schweigen der Manner: Und was wirklich dahintersteckt. (Co-author):
  • Тишина адам (Co-author)
  • Het Sterke geslacht?: Zin en Onzin over de Flinkheid van de Man. (Co-author):
  • Be Strong, Be Courageous. (Co-author):
  • The Silence of Adam. (Co-author):
  • The Contribution of Characterization to the Understanding of Judges 19-21: A Literary Analysis. (Author) May 1991:


“Dancing to Rahab’s Tune” a review of The ‘Geometrics’ of the Rahab Story: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Joshua 2 by Andrezej Toczyski SBD. Religion and Literature Journal. (53:2) Fall 2021.

Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice: A Model for Replacing Old and New Testament Surveys with an Innovative Approach to Teaching Religion in 21st Century Colleges and Universities. With Andy M. Roberts. Journal of Religious Education. 67/1 (April 2020): 87-102. DOI 10.1007/s40839-019-00078-2.

“‘When Map Becomes Territory’: Finding Ancient Israel in the Modern Age.Journal of Global Archaeology and Anthropology. 8: 1. (Oct 2018).

Territory website pdf

From Chaos to Cosmos: Sacred Space in Genesis 

Chaos website pdf

Living in a Land of Epithets: Anonymity in Judges 19-21 

Anonymity website pdf

“Judges,” The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery 

Judges website pdf

The Dance of Truth

Dance of Truth website pdf

Everyday Study Bible: “Garden of Eden, Adam, Flood, and Deborah” 

Everyday Study Bible website pdf

There, In the Shadows: The Grace of Art in a “River Runs Through It” 

There, In the Shadows website pdf

“Michelangelo’s Pieta,” Christianity and the Arts

Michelangelo’s Pieta website pdf

Searching for Our Fathers 

Searching for Our Fathers website pdf

To Find a Place: Sacred Living in a Secular World 


The Glory of His Discontent: The Inconsolable Suffering of God

Glory of His Discontent website pdf

Reading the Wor(ld). Art, Beauty, and the Voice of God

Reading the Wor(l)d website pdf

Love Language Lost: Martin Heidegger and the Fall of Language

Love Language Lost website pdf

Living by Story — A Counselor’s Creed

Living by Story website pdf

The Unbridled Imagination of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Afterword to Relational Odyssey 

Afterword website pdf

Come, Bring Your Story

Come Bring Your Story website pdf

On Earth As It Is In Heaven: Is Art Necessary for the Christian? 

On Earth website pdf

The Three Languages of Mentoring: Saul, Jonathan, and David — Which Will I Be?

Three Languages of Mentoring website pdf

Easterside: A Review of Lauren Winner’s Girl Finds God

Eastertide website pdf

Jennifer Pharr Davis: Becoming Odyssa: An Analysis

Jennifer Phar Davis website pdf

Dakota: Norris and Sacred Place

Dakota website pdf

Forgetting to Remember: How We Run from Our Stories

Forgetting to Remember website pdf

“And What of Beauty?” Compassionate Lifestyle

What of Beauty website pdf

When Time Stumbled: The Book of Judges as Postmodern Theology

When Time Stumbled website pdf

The Contribution of Characterization to the Understanding of the Judges 19-21 Narrative: A Literary Analysis

Contribution of Characterization website pdf


Current work: Book: What is Christianity? Thinking Christian in the Third Millennium; Book: Judges: A Theology of Dissensus; Article: “Them Too: Taking Another Look at the Auteur’s Concubine”; Article: “Mapping the Territory of Ancient Israel”; Article: “Identity and Disintegration, Fragmentation and Integration: Judges 1:8”; analysis of Cain and the use of violence in the monotheistic tradition; a critique of Avraham Faust’s Ethnogenesis of Israel; and articles on Ancient Samaria.