Netflix Presents a Mysterious Hollywood mission in the Iraqi city of Mosul

Mosul Film Critique

Mosul Film Critique by Safaa Al-Saleh 

(You can open this link in Chrome and read in English)
If you get a chance, watch the film “Mosul” streaming on Netflix. I really liked the film and found it interesting. Below you can find an Iraqi (I think he is Iraqi) critic’s review, which I think important. I don’t quite fully understand what he is writing, but he gives the film a positive review and yet critiques the usual “Western” portrayal of binary heroes or villains, and especially the simplistic way most of us in the West view the complexities of another culture(s). You can click on the link in Chrome and translate it to English. Do watch “Mosul” if you get a chance and see a different perspective on the battle against Da’esh.
“In the movie “Mosul”, we were faced with a reality of violence, devastation and betrayal, interspersed with the story of a group that finds itself carrying out justice in its own way that resembles the style of the criminal himself. We see them being slaughtered and killed in the same way, despite their belonging to what is supposed to be official regular forces, and the film’s producers try to provide the logical justification for their actions with the magnitude of violence and horrific horror in a reality in which trenches overlap, positions are mixed and the lines between good and evil are blurred and right and wrong.” Safaa Al-Saleh

Pair of Deadly Terrorist Attacks Hits Iran

This is huge–sorry to sound like Trump on this one. But Da’esh is not taking on Tehran in a big way. This is a Sunni attack on Shia at their very core.

Pair of Deadly Terrorist Attacks Hits Iran


Turkey Seeks Alliance with Russia in Syria

Turkey seeks alliance with Russia in Syria


“President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought to build cooperation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin Friday over military operations in Syria, as Turkey attempts to create a border “safe zone” free of Daesh (ISIS) and the Kurdish YPG militia.”

“Turkey considers the YPG the Syrian arm of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that has been fighting an insurrection on Turkish soil for 30 years. Washington, like Ankara, considers the PKK a terrorist group, but it backs the YPG.”

“Asked by a reporter whether Moscow and Ankara shared the idea that Syria and Iraq should be preserved within current borders, Putin spoke of “the complex situation” and “contradictions” in the Syria peace talks.”

“The cooperation on Syria between Russia and Turkey marked a sharp turnaround for the two nations. The conflicting interests led to the downing of a Russian warplane by a Turkish jet at the Syrian border in November 2015, which led Moscow to bar the sales of package tours to Turkey and halting imports of agricultural products.”