God Creates by Speaking Into the Chaos

God Creates by Speaking Into the Chaos

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How to Raise Brilliant Children, According to Science

“You present something you call the 21st-century report card. And it contains six C’s, which I’ve seen versions of elsewhere: collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative innovation and confidence. But what’s new is the way you relate these skills to each other, and also, you’ve described what they look like at four levels of development.”

Interview with Emanuel Tov on the Septuagint

Great interview by a world-class scholar. On the Septuagint–the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible.

Evangelicals’ support of Trump shouldn’t come as a surprise

Here is a great analysis of American Evangelical-Fundamentalist Christianity by Randall Balmer


Evangelicals’ Support of Trump Shouldn’t Come as Surprise

“America’s evangelicals have become secular, more interested in the pursuit of wealth and political influence than fidelity to the teachings of Jesus.”

Foundations Peer Mentors January 16

Foundations Peer Mentors 16

This is our first meeting with everyone–students and TAs–for Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice. Spring 2016. We have a fantastic group of TAs once again this semester. This is a course that we have designed at King and now teach to all traditional students. The class is unique in many ways: led by student leaders, co-taught by peer mentors, heavy on digital media, discussion groups, and an academic approach to the study of a Judeo-Christian worldview. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

Dead Sea Scrolls Lecture: Part 2: Dr. Travis Williams

This is part 2 of the Dead Sea Scroll lecture series by Dr. Travis Williams, Tusculum University. The King University Philosophy and Religion department hosted this series and the video linked below. Please join us as we continue through our journey of understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Dead Sea Scrolls: Lecture 2

Dr. Travis Williams
Dr. Travis Williams