Love in the Ruins: Homs, Syria

In Homs, Syria, where entire city blocks have been reduced to rubble by years of civil war, a Syrian wedding photographer thought of using the destruction of the city as a backdrop for pictures of newlywed couples “to show that life is stronger than death,” according to AFP photographer Joseph Eid. Here, Nada Merhi, 18, and her husband, Syrian army soldier Hassan Youssef, 27, pose for a series of wedding pictures amid heavily damaged buildings in Homs on February 5, 2016.

Love in the Ruins: Homs, Syria

King Summer Institute of Global Studies June 14-21, 2015

Don Michael Hudson Jerusalem
Don Michael Hudson Jerusalem

King University’s Dept. of Philosophy & Religion Launches King Summer Institute of Global Studies for High School Juniors and Seniors

BRISTOL, Tenn., Sept 15, 2014 – Applications are being accepted for 25 rising high school juniors and seniors to become the first participants in the inaugural King Summer Institute of Global Studies (KSIGS). The institute will include daily, intensive study designed to help the students explore and apply a Christian worldview to global issues in the 21st century.

Time will be dedicated to the study of the Christian worldview as well as Islam, Judaism, and Asian religions. “As Christians, if we are going to be relevant in the 21st century, we are going to have to understand other religions,” says Dr. Don Michael Hudson, associate professor of Religious Studies and chair of Philosophy and Religion at King University. “The program will be similar to an AP class for students in that they will receive four hours of college credit for the one-week course.”

The Institute will begin on June 14, 2015 and run through June 21. Students will reside in the King University residence halls alongside KSIGS Resident Scholars. Participants will enjoy classroom lectures on topics such as “Ancient Judaism,” “Why Terrorists Hate Us,” “What’s Going on in Iraq?” “Energy and Global Warming,” “Science and Religion,” Security and Intelligence,” and “Look East: Lessons from the Orient.” They will travel to a local Greek Orthodox Church in Bluff City, Tenn., a local Mosque in Johnson City, Tenn., and the Basilica of St. Lawrence in Asheville, N.C. Students will participate in community service projects in the region as well as enjoy a multitude of activities including an Olympic challenge, obstacle course day, the ropes course at River’s Way, kickball, dodge ball, capture the flag, and a day long trip white water rafting.

“The mission of the summer program is for the students to develop an informed, relevant Christian worldview for the 21stcentury,” says Hudson. “What we are attempting to do is look at what it means to frame a Christian worldview; what a Christian worldview is; and what a Christian worldview is not only in light of Christianity but also in context of other religions. We want participants to explore these tough questions.”

Rising high school juniors and seniors interested in the King Summer Institute of Global Studies are asked to complete an application. Applications will also be taken for four King University students or graduates who will be named as KSIGS Resident Scholars.

The cost for the Summer Institute will be $500.

“We currently have seven scholarships available for the Institute,” says Hudson. “We also have 18 additional opportunities for anyone who might be willing to provide a scholarship for a student. The scholarship amount would be $500, which would cover the entire cost for the one-week Summer Institute for one student. We encourage the community to become involved and help make this happen for students interested in broadening their understanding of a Christian worldview and how we can address global issues in the 21st century.”

“We are excited to offer this new, fun, and engaging opportunity for juniors and seniors who have a desire to make a difference not only in their lives but also in the lives of others,” says Hudson.

For more information on the King Summer Institute of Global Studies or to apply, contact Dr. Don Michael Hudson or 423.652.4154.