Meet Our Graduates: King University Bible and Religion: Trevor Wentt

Meet Our Graduates: Trevor Wentt
Trevor Wentt, King University
“I came to King on a wrestling scholarship and stayed because of my professors. I actually tried to transfer out of King–twice. The major I thought I wanted wasn’t there, yet God had different plans for me. While there, I found photography, had my worldview constantly expanded by my classes and through the friendships and mentorships that developed with many professors. Yet, in some ways, my experience differed from most. As a young black man, I was growing into consciousness concerning what it means to be black in this country at that time. I was supported by many professors and encouraged to continue growing. I was even gifted Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man for my birthday one year by Dr. Don Hudson, which has been a formative text for me. Although, inevitably, I experienced pushback and racism from some students in this time of growth, I was supported by others, both professors and students alike. At King, I was challenged to think, question, and help people see the world and God in a more expansive way. From fitness to where I went to graduate school, King helped shape me. Although I have slightly more debt than I’d like, King gave me incomparable freedom and flexibility to become. Since then, I’m currently pursuing making art to challenge perspectives and give hope to marginalized and oppressed peoples full-time, after working in churches and finishing up my MACM from Emmanuel Christian Seminary. King was nothing short of formative, and I am grateful.”
We were fortunate to have Trevor come study with us. He’s one of those students who taught me to question my own thinking and step out of my comfort zone. He is a beautiful man who creates beautiful works. And he continues to teach me. Next semester I will be offering a class at King: “When the Coat of Many Colors Runs Blood Red: Race and Christianity in America,” and Trevor has agreed to advise us and participate in this class. Keep an eye on him–he will do good and great things as he already does. Thank you, Trevor, for trusting us with your undergrad education. You left King a better place than when you began.

Meet Our Graduates: Jarred McKinney

Meet Our Graduates: Jarred McKinney

I’m far from exaggerating when I say that going to King was one of the better decisions of my life thus far. While there, I met my two best friends who flew all the way to Bethlehem, Palestine to be in my wedding. I fell in love with the Appalachian Mountains and developed a deep love for God’s creation. Perhaps most importantly, however, an insatiable curiosity was stirred up in me. I have no doubt that this was the result of professors who deeply love their craft, transferring, in some mysterious way, their passion for learning to us. At King, I learned that faith is something that ought to open me up to the world around me, not close me off from it. To this, King did not fill my head with a bunch of knowledge, hand me a piece of paper, and send me on my way. Rather, I was taught how to learn, how to think for myself. Yet, my education at King formed me for a world beyond that of Appalachia, both spiritually and intellectually. After a year traveling the world, the curiosity that King awakened in me then led me to complete a master’s in World Religions from Emory University. So, too, did this love of learning take me to Palestine to teach at the university level for a year. At the moment, I find myself pursuing an MDiv at Duke Divinity School. Yet for all these incredible experiences, King served as the catalyst.”

Meet Our Graduates: Jarred McKinney
King University Philosophy and Religion

We were honored to have Jarred as one of our students at King. He’s already traveled the world now and has spent a good bit of time in Bethlehem. He married his wife Tala there and now attends Duke Divinity working on his MDiv. We look forward to seeing his life and work unfold with grace and style. Jarred is the middle one between two other fine King graduates.

Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice Teaching Assistants: Hannah Harosky

Name: Hannah Harosky
Class: Sophomore
“My name is Hannah Harosky. I am a sophomore from Bristol, VA. During my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends/family, hiking, and traveling. I had the opportunity to travel to Israel with Dr. Hudson in the spring and it was incredible getting to see the Bible come to life right before my eyes. I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Political Science/History with an undecided minor. I serve as a Sophomore representative on the Student Government Senate, I am President of the new Political Science Club on campus, and I serve on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I am member of the Women’s Soccer team at King University. Following college, I plan to attend Law School in hopes of becoming a Criminal Attorney. First semester of my freshman year I took Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice and really enjoyed the class. I was so excited when Dr. Hudson asked me to be a TA (teacher’s assistant) for this course. This is my second semester serving as a TA and I absolutely love it.”
This is Hannah’s second semester as a Foundations TA. We are fortunate to have her with us. Hannah and I visited Israel-Palestine together with 20 other students last March. She and I had the privilege of sitting in an Israeli health clinic for a day outside Haifa. Fortunately, she came back 100% in a few days. She is excellent at what she does and cares for her students.
Foundations of Christian Thought and Practice Foundations Assistant: Hannah Harosky