Caesarea Maritima, Israel

Caesarea Maritima
Don Michael Hudson, PhD
Caesarea Maritima, Galilee
King Herod’s port
Canon 5D M3
I shot this at one of the most stunning archaeological-architectural sites in the world–King Herod’s port built with Roman ingenuity. Most of the site is ruins now except for the theater, but oh what ruins they are. I take all my students to see this site both for its significance but also it’s beauty.
I am shooting in the winter SW with an architectural lens. I do love this photo for many reasons but mostly, it reminds us that the Med can be a raging sea–and this is mild.

Jerash Cardo, Jerash, Jordan

Jerash Cardo, Jerash, Jordan
Don Michael Hudson, PhD
Jerash, Jordan (June 2022)
The Cardo (main street)
Canon R5
I tell anyone who will listen that Jerash is one of the best places to see and experience Roman art and architecture. The ancient city has most definitely been modified by subsequent cultures, but one can get quite close and observe the original city like few sites. Want to see ancient Rome? Visit Jerash.