What Biden’s Warmongering Will Actually Look Like by Caitlyn Johnstone

What Biden’s Warmongering Will Actually Look Like

Written by Caitlyn Johnstone, Jan 24, 2021

What Biden’s Actual Warmongering Will Look Like
Caitlyn Johnstone
Don Michael Hudson, PhD
This is a must read for every American. Yes, I am thrilled to see the Biden-Harris team lead our nation and even more relieved that we have removed Trump. BUT we cannot forget Biden’s warmongering history–he voted for the Iraq invasion and supported Obama’s arming of jihadists in Syria as a few examples. I think Johnstone hits the nail on the head as to what “war” will look like in the future under Democratic leadership, and she destroys the myth pushed by D Trump Jr that Trump never started a war. More than ever we must be vigilant as to what is happening with the American war machine. And notice that much of our aggressiveness is on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Why? Aren’t you tired of sending our own children to devastate countries and areas and come back maimed or not come back at all? Aren’t you tired of killing other human beings and decimating other peoples’ livelihood all in the name of Idiocracy and in service to another country?
Since we’re under lockdown, take the time to watch Generation Kill, a somewhat nonfictional series covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Outside of Malick’s The Thin Red Line, it’s probably the truest war film out there. Look what we did to Iraqi children, women, men, and even animals in “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” “Iraqi Freedom”? What a cynical, sinister name for war crimes and atrocities. Generation Kill exposes the idiocy of Bush, Cheney, Biden, Clinton, Mattis and military leadership while simultaneously showing us what we did to our own American kids who went to fight for “freedom” and “democracy.”
Ok, I’m done. Please take the time to read this. We must watch Biden-Harris every single day and call them out.
“Trump supporters who claim to oppose war missed this completely throughout the entirety of his presidency, confining the concept of “war” solely to its most blatant iterations in order to feel like their president was a peacemaker instead of a warmonger. One of the few positive developments that could potentially arise from the Biden administration is helping such people to recognize acts of violence like starvation sanctions as war, since they will be opposing Biden and that is how this new administration will be manifesting much of its murderousness.”