Guided Tours


It is March 10, 2018 and this is your view of the Mediterranean.

From Jaffa.

Jaffa 2015 Don Michael Hudson, PhD

From the rooftop of the old Turkish mansion where you are staying.

You have hiked up to Masada to see Herod’s palace.

You have seen the Dead Sea scrolls.

You have floated in the Dead Sea.

You have prayed at the Western Wall.

You have been on the Temple Mount.

You have spent glorious days around the Sea of Galilee.

You have been to Caesarea Maritima.

You have looked over the Elah Valley.

You have seen the Palestinian-Israeli situation firsthand.

You read the Bible like never before.

Join us. Israel-Palestine, Spring Break 2018

March 2-11, 2018

Cost: $3250 all-inclusive

Contact: Don Hudson 423.652.4154

Armenian Quarter
Don Michael Hudson
Mt Olives 2015 Don Michael Hudson
Jerusalem Markey 2015 Don Michael Hudson
Zion Square 2015 Don Michael Hudson
Qumran Cave 4 2015 Don Michael Hudson
Temple Mount 2015 Don Michael Hudson
Occupied Hebron 2015 Don Michael Hudson
Tel Aviv 2015 Don Michael Hudson








Join us for King University’s archaeological dig in Israel next year. We will dig two weeks at Tel Azekah in conjunction with Tel Aviv University. Then Don Hudson will lead a tour of Israel and the West Bank for 12 days.

P1040768_face0When: July 14-August 6, 2018

Departure: Washington Dulles, IAD

Cost: $4950 All inclusive.

Contact: Don Michael Hudson ( 423.652.4154